Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I AM......

Dear Bloggy,

Yes, I am.... STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE !!!. Thought maybe you might wanna know. Just too lazy to keep my blog updated these days but anyway, am on a two months holiday now. I have got to execute my "productive" plan but it's just not working. I'm just too lazy. Prove? I'm gonna stop typing now thats because I'm feeling lazy already. Till then. Bye bye.

p/s : I'll be back!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Count My Blessings

Have I ever told you how lucky I am or I'm the luckiest b*stard in the whole wide world? I believe I have right? You see my chinese name, Kau Mun Seng, given by Grandma does signify something actually. According to her, my name brings the meaning of "a lucky star" or with the "millions of star, only one star shines the brightest - me". Yea, go ahead, tease me, laugh at me, call me Mr. Narcist, and declare me as a boy who is too full of himself for all care. Grandma probably did see something in me where others don't see. Creative and smart old lady eh? I always knew she was smart and she's pretty and beautiful as always although she wears dentures. Hahahah! Man, I miss her terribly and I love her a lot. Wish you were here on my 22nd birthday.

Speaking of which, my birthday isn't all about big party, clubbing - drinking my life away (its not like I can drink anyway), big hooo-haaaa celebrations, nah uh you got it all wrong. I'd rather have it small, dinners or outings with my dear ones especially my family. What more do I want than spending time with my special ones, ohh yes, I'm very family oriented, so screw you if you've got something against that.

Well to start off with, Mommy and Pa gave me Angpao on my birthday. How much? It doesn't matter how much because I know they sayang me a lot and brought us (the whole family) out for dinner in Fridays, thank you very much. Everyone wrote on the card, here's what they say..

Mommy and Pa wrote, "Dear Ollie Kau Mun Seng, Happy 22nd Birthday. A shining star that leads the path way. God's gift. Don't put that to waste but be a BLESSING to others. Always cherish the person who gave you this name".
(Of course I do cherish the person who gave me this name. See even Mommy and Pa calls me shining star *wink*)

My darling Grace JieJie wrote, "Happy Birthday! Guess you don't really need best wishes on your birthday since you YOURSELF have been a "Lucky Star". God Bless you *and she scratched that "you" word out.
(Wahh, seriously damn dengki man! Hahaha! But I know she don't mean it that way, she just knows that I'm a Star, but hates to admit. But I still love you, yes I do)

Joshua wrote, "Dear KorKor, Happy 22nd Birthday and many happy endings in return"
(Thank you adikku, thanks for the wish and there'll be many happy endings of course)

*My dear family members have and always been my backbone, I love them very much*

Next is my dearly and beloved girl, as always Dian Amanda Pereira. Shocked eh? Think I wouldn't post about you huh? She's been always there when I needed someone and when the whole world seems to go wrong, guess who's there. Although things have been rough and we somehow settled on errr things, she never fails to make me happy at the end of the day. Thats Dian. She bought me something which I wanted for so long! Yes, I finally got it.

(Cupcakes to replace cake, cute eh? *smile*)

(Wahaha! did you see that?!! My own Manchester United jersey!! And on top of that, she bought me that fitting thingy where you wear underneath the jersey, something like NikePro only it's not Nike. Thank you!!!!)

Thank you, sayang you always.

Next is Adik, also my best buddy, or also known as my annoying little pest, Nur Azhani MAS/AirAsia. Known her since level 1, damn right, never regretted knowing her. She's way blunt, speaks her mind but at least she's truthful and that's what I appreciate the most. She's caring, truly I tell you, only that she doesn't show it and she's also there when you need someone to talk to. Adik has been special in her many own ways but mind you, she spits (unintentionally), phlegms flying around (unintentionally as well) and way sarcastic (intentional). She's the little Budak Kecik which I somehow sayang quite a lot, tak tau kenapa. Ohh by the way, am also very close to her family especially her mom whom I also regard as Mama and Busu, her aunt and my darling Kak Syazz and my Uncle "Pa" - Mr. Anil. Hahaha. They're like the second family to me. Sayang semua as well. :D. Here's what Adik and her family got me.

(A card, a Puma cap with pretty cool prints [needed a new cap anyway, thanks!!], Puma socks [haha, I know lar my socks koyak] and sweets & chocs to spoil my teeth so it'll look like Busu's, haha, shhh don't tell her though)

Most importantly it was the card with short but beautiful words.

Mama wrote, "To Oliver, Happy 22nd Birthday to you. Wishing you good health, happiness and all the best. Love you always.
(Ahhh, that's Mama who sayang me a lot too. Heh)

Uncle "Pa" wrote, "To Oliver, Happy Birthday and may God Bless you always."

(Hahah, yes I believe with God's blessing, postman won't langgar me anymore right then I don't have to disturb you late night to talk to you about "unfair life", which by the way, I still remember your joke saying you're not very fair either its because you're dark! hahahah!)

My kesayangan Busu wrote, "To Oliver, Happy Birthday and don't be naughty"
(Haha! truth be told, she's the naughty one who can't seem to stop annoying me and bullying me, yet I still sayang her)

Adik Nur Azhani wrote, "Happy 22nd KAU MUN SENG! (Hahah, if only you knew the meaning *wink). You're DEFINITELY OLDER but WISER? Still need a lot of effort!

(Cilakak this Adik, tak habis-habis kutuk. Hahah! Don't kutuk me on my Birthday can ah?!)

My darling Kak Syazz wrote, "Happy Birthday dear Brother"

(Hehe, thank you my Kak Syazz!!)

*There's my second family :)*

Last but not least, my bestie whom I've known since 13, Jamie Wang. Jamie Wang has been a very dear friend to me, started off terribly but somehow as time goes by, we're all good now. I've seen her through sunshine and rain, happiness and pain, oh yes I have. I remember we used to quarrel a lot shouting across tables in classroom and tuition. Time flies really fast eh, and the next thing you know, we're both 22. Anyway thanks a lot for present you gave me, remember I told you it was orgasmic? Hahaha! it still is!

(And you thought you were seeing double eh? This is the long sleeve jersey which you definitely can't get it in Malaysia, or even if you could it quite hard to find it around. Jamie did the sweetest thing by ordering directly from UK and it reached within 5 days. I Loike my Jersey...or..)

(...my two very special jerseys from two special people. Told you that I'm one Lucky B*astard. Thank you!)

*Jamie Wang!!*

I've got wishes from others too, thank you all especially Reshveen and I-Lynn who drop a note together with Adik's card. Am definitely very blessed with these people around me. I love each and everyone of you.

Now, speaking of being blessed, my blessings yadayada, not to sound so holy and religious, I seriously think that the One above has truly showered me with a lot of blessings which I probably fail to see. Like the recent event that has happened, my team emerged as the Champion of B.A.T's "Bring Your Difference" competition . It was rather shocking to be honest.

I have never entered competitions such as these before and I was rather reluctant to join this competition but Mommy and one of the staff from Career Placement Office were really persistent.

To start of with, I didn't even think that I could have gotten through the interview having to be interviewed by the Senior Manager of Organisational Development, Talent & Leadership of B.A.T. (yea, sounds really scary), Mr. Chen, but I somehow got through. Mr. Chen a really brilliant and funny man told all of us in the workshop that he only interviewed four candidates of which those who lasted at least 20 minutes would definitely gain entry to the second day of the competition.

Ok fine, after getting through the interview, I thought it ends there, it ends on the first day of the competition itself after having to crack a case study, coming up with future plans for the case study and also plans to be executed for the second day (if I got through the first day that is). Well I had very good teammates of which one took the lead, which was a good thing as others were a little blur and not knowing where to start. We had to present the case study after cracking it and I was the unlucky one for there weren't sufficient time for me to present, but I took the last few minutes to present on one of our marketing plans which I think the accessors finds it really amusing. Thank God for that. I got through and onward with the second day. Yay!

(They're in my team for the first day. She's from Taylors, he's from UTM and the other one wasn't around, I think she went back, she's from UM)

(These are the funny bunch of people from the Uni. of Notthingham)

(And these are the top 20 finalist)

Onward with the second day! If you notice there's only 6 male finalist and the rest are all females. Pffttt!~

(See, told you so)

So the second day challenge was executing the whole marketing planned during the first day of the competition and we had to sell Japanese snacks. I had to be the mascot or the person wearing the sandwich board, whatever you call it. It was embarrassing but, ssshhheeesshh, for the glory of my team. Heh.

(Our team were known as the Potato People, and I had to be the Potato Man or Mr. Potato)

The competition ended at 5 p.m. after a day of hard selling. We had closing ceremony in Mantra, Pyramid and we were announced the winner, champion! Wheeee!~. I think the reason we won the competition was because we had different approach of selling compared to the other teams and that was what the competition was all about, being different. Damn, I love my teammates for being so brainy in coming up with those strategies.

(Check out the prize money, weee!~. And those are the Directors of BAT)

(The top 3 teams)

(With the whole BAT team)

Did I tell you that Inti College Subang Jaya rocks! Because we're all winners too! :D

400 Resumes

80 Interviewees

40 Selected

20 Finalist

1 Team (which I'm in) to Rule Them All..Yay!

Told you that I was blessed, and also I got the "fast-pass" award! yay! I don't have to go through series of test, interviews and case study but direct interview with the Directors, make it or break it, to see if I can build my career in BAT. *fingers cross*

Lucky boy I am, Grace JieJie got lucky too (or blessed). She got offered Relationship Manager in Corporate Banking, RHB. Yay! Congrats to her.

Till then, blogging off. Ciao the Meow.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Been A While...

...since I last blog. It's been a month! Wow! Truly lazy I am. Anyway, ICSJ Prom happened last month and a week after that was the time for the 33rd INTIMA Exco to step down. Sungguh menyedihkan! :'(

Anyway these are the few pictures from prom, just to update this blog. The rest you can just check them out on my Facebook profile (no, I'm not doing self marketing, just informing). :D

Ok here's the thing, the prom was themed "Mystical Illusion", a masquerade event, whereby everyone had to come in mask but I think it failed miserably in that sense. But the whole event was a blast, really, this year's prom was way better than last year.

(Meet little boy Ui-Tee, looked very smart that night!)

(Hot chicks from Indon in my college, saya sayang kamu semua DONG! Haha)

(Haha! meet Felly, she was the few who wore the mask from the beginning but took it off halfway through the event!)

(I was forced to sit at the VIP table to entertain the VIPs. That's Mrs. Joyce Yuen, the momma of ICSJ. Yes, I did entertained all of the VIPs throughout the event, only towards the end, I started to wander off to another table. Heh)

(With the few hot chicks from Inti, except the far right. She's a tomboy, she hits harder than guys but surprisingly she has a boyfriend. Nevertheless, she's still a fun person and I sayang her because she's in the same "brotherhood" clan)

Felly looks lovely isn't she. Gonna miss her a lot when she's not around in college anymore. Sayang you Felly! :'(

(Haha!! This picture somehow caused slight controversy when her boyfriend saw this picture. You're a dumbass Peoy Gee)

(The "brotherhood" gang. Orang Asli, the one on the far left is going to US soon too, and the Fat Dick or Frederick, the far right is probably going to Inti Nilai for his degree. Betrayer! Still I love you guys)

(It's a little blurry, but I think its a nice picture don't you think?)

(With JBoy....and..)

(...Yan Ming)

Ok, so that's it for prom, next we have is the 34th INTIMA installation. They're taking over Student Council now, I've got no power anymore so does the other 33rd INTIMA excos :'(. To be honest, the 33rd INTIMA excos did not head on with a very good start at the beginning but from from time to time, we dealt with each other's nonsense, supporting one another especially the "brotherhood" clan. Now that it's all over and there's nothing much to say, I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I'm gonna miss each and everyone of you and it's been a pleasure working with everyone, especially Joshan. Still you look like an Orang Asli to me and it's not gonna change the fact you look like one. As for you Fat Dick/Frederick, gonna miss the time we both did our performance for Green Evolution, the little "jamming/tutor" session we had, teaching one another new songs to play on the guitar and of course you idiotic Elephant Legs/Peoy Gee who never fails to make me laugh with your idiotic sarcasm and annoyance.

The passing of power to the two new PROs. Take care of the office well ok :'(

(The first and the last performance by the 33rd Excos. A little messy but I think you guys did great *smiles*)

(The time in Conference, muke je serius padahal all freaking Jokers! Gonna miss that!)

(I <3 the 33rd INTIMA Excos, especially the "brotherhood" clan)

(The last picture together *sniff sniff*)

Yea, kinda emotional when you think back of those times. But anyway, all the best in whatever future endeavors, and see you guys soon again (I meant the 33rd INTIMA Excos).

Ohh yea, not forgetting my little China girl, she has been doing really well in her recent test, assignment and presentation. Her marks leaped from 17, 23 to 32 upon 50?? Lecturer said she was really good in her presentation and her test, what she wrote in test made sense! Her lecturer even compliment me for doing a good job coaching her. Weee~. Wow, I'm shocked! Way to go my little tuttee :D. That's the China girl I've been talking about. Hahaha! :D

:: oliver ::: says:
how was your presentation

dandan says:
my presentation is ok because lecture said my presentation is very logic and have contact with audience. so i need to thank you for helping me with my presentation.

:: oliver ::: says:
really he said that?!!
wow, you are good actually

dandan says:
i also very surprise because i have looked at the note a little. then i guess my presentation was commonly

*Hahah, comel kan the way she speaks. What she meant was she thought her presentation was very normal and wasn't unique but I suppose she was wrong*

Anyway, good job Dandan, with the many efforts you've put in, this is what you deserve and this is what you get. Congratulations. And by the way, she wants me to be her tutor again the next semester. Maybe I should start charging at a higher rate, hahah, kidding, teaching is a noble thing to do, so don't think I'm gonna exploit her :P

Anyway, signing off now, there will be an update tomorrow again, so wait on for it, night night ladies and gentlemen.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well "Dan"-Dan

Ok this post was suppose to be posted last week but somehow I was too caught up with other things to do. Priority first!

Oh as you all know (or not), I have been tutoring English for quite a while now under the peer tutor programme in my college. Dandan, my "student" from China, made me so proud when she showed me a piece of paper of her lecturer's comment on her presentation. Quite bangga lar, now knowing that my tutoring, tips and whatever crap which I had impart to her somehow or rather did improve her English a little. Nevertheless she was a really hardworking student and it paid off. I even took a picture of the paper *ishh don't blame me lar - I'm just too happy ok* . Here it is...

*click on picture to enlarge*

If you still can't see what it says, it runs like this "Guo Dan Dan kept up a good flow of language and was not referring to notes. You had some movement and gestures and your presentation was quite lively. There was some good connecting language eg. 'let us move on to the next slide'. You seemed to know your facts and had a good conclusion. The slides support the content."

Yay to her and to me!~

I had made it clear from the beginning that she should not only concentrate on her final paper but also on her coursework as her coursework carries 50%, huge weightage there. She did listen to me! Such a good girl. You make me proud. I sayang you.

I had also bought her a book to serve as a motivation and I told her that everytime she reads it, make sure she understands it and to read it out loud as this would improve her pronunciation. I bought her this - and she seems to like it.

Good book eh? She said it was a meaningful book which also means she understands what she's reading. And guess what, she even went the extra mile of writing down every single word which she didn't understand and to find the meaning of it. Lagi lar I sayang her!.

Anyway, glad to have you as my "student" Dandan and I know you'll do well in ENL207. Am so proud of you, and once again, "Well Dan" Dan.

Friday, July 10, 2009



i) does it bother me when my phone is not beeping with incoming text messages like it used to anymore;

ii) does it bother me when I don't hear from you nor notice any recent updates from you;

iii) does the image of you keep playing in my mind at all times and in whatever I do;

iv) is it that everytime I logged on, I'm hoping that you'll be online although knowing that we're not in talking terms;

v) is your profile page the first page I visit everytime I come online.

This is madness, I need you to get the F*** out of my head. It's affecting me really bad, that's just because
I miss you badly and I still do care.


Although I'm no big fan of MJ but I think he's really brilliant, being such an influential figure, famous for his music and moves. Anyway this was his favourite song, and I happen to like it as well which I think is really really really really meaningful especially during the times when you think that the whole world is against you or when you're going through a phase of heartache.

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though its breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile with your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just
Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just
Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though its breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

that's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

"A day without a laugh is a wasted day." - Charles Chaplin

Monday, June 08, 2009

What The F-U-C-K

Ok, seriously it's not funny at all. Don't even think of laughing. So mom folded my clothes and left it on the bed while I was sleeping and when I woke up I notice something different.

My TEAM JERSEY!!!!!!!!! What the FUCK man, what the fuck! Whatever bronze colour you see on the jersey, yeah!!!, those are not the original colour! The original colour was black ok, BLACK! And that yellow colour, it was dark gold, very nice dark gold but thanks to her hardcore washing - mutation of colour! It happened so many times already, not only on my clothes but on my sister's clothes as well which cost a lot!

Heartache? Hell yea, big time. I just don't like when the things I really really really sayang is ruined this way; what more my one and only team jersey! Like what was she thinking. She's the Master of Washing Clothes and she should know better that bleach discolour's everything!

Her excuse? - "I tried putting bleach on it last week but it turned out fine, probably too "kao" usage of bleach this time" (*clap clap clap* great job mommy, well done, very well done). My God, I really felt like crying when she said that. I couldn't say anything so I just threw the jersey and yelled "shit, fuck", which was somewhat too audible for everyone to hear. Good job Oliver, good job (best way to let it out right in front of your parents). Look, it's not that I don't appreciate her at all, I do, really, but her washing is just too hardcore, too harsh for my innocent helpless clothes. Have some mercy on my clothes please :'( . When she brush, it feels like the material is about to rip. Arrgghhh! Fine ok, enough of my rant! I just need to get it out, will find a way to repair it tomorrow. And ohh my dear readers, please let me know how to turn my jersey back to the way it was. Give me ideas and suggestions. Thank you.

*Nevertheless, I still love my mommy although I'm pissed like shit at her now.*

Bye bye!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


This word, this particular word has been repeating over and over again - all the time, wherever I am. Especially in class, Strategic Management lecturer talks about novelty, International Marketing lecturer includes novelty in one of her lecture, so does Industrial Relation lecturer. Her blog, this girl's blog touches on novelty all the time, so does her notes which she posted on Facebook, she wants to live in novelty or so it seems. Adik sometimes mentions that "novelty" word in her conversation with others especially when discussing on case study.

Tell me that it's not a sign or anything like that because thing is, I definitely do not need this "novelty" in my life. I'm happy with it, as it is, for now. They say I've change, not true I say. They say I'm different nowadays -more quiet, not true I say. Still the same ok, sheeshh!
Though I must say that getting over someone is harder than I thought, and that's when "novelty" has to come into play. Otherwise, fuck my life, or fuck yours because you're gonna be pondering and hovering at it all the time. Novelty? Nope, not for me, not yet. Can't let go.